This agreement prescribes the handling when you use the "This service" (Defined in Article I. DEFINITION) provided by SmartApp ,inc ("Company", "us", "we", or "our"). Please use This service after agreeing to the following terms.

If there is any inconsistency or conflict, lack of description between the English version TERMS OF SERVICE and the Japanese version TERMS OF SERVICE, the Japanese version TERMS OF SERVICE shall prevail.

Japanese version TERMS OF SERVICE: https://www.go-wallet.app/app/ja/term.html


The meanings of the terms used in the present Terms and Conditions will be set forth in each of the following items.

(1)THIS SERVICE "This service" means GO!WALLET and GO!MCH, GO!BFH, GO!CSP, GO!Contract Servant, NFT Treca, the applications operated by our Company. Ethereum and block chain game in cooperation with Ethereum / Wallet application which can manage currency and virtual goods linked to DApps application.
(2)THIS WEBSITE "The website" on which the content of This service is posted.
(3)THIS CONTENTS Generic term of characters, sounds, still images, moving images, software programs, codes etc. provided on "This service", including posting information.
(4)USERS Everyone who is using "This service".
(5)CREATING AND IMPORTING THE WALLET Use "This service" to create or import wallet, after agreeing to the terms.
(6)PASSWORD The cipher that was set when creating the wallet. It is used as encrypting and protecting the private key.
(7)PRIVATE KEY A character string consisting of 256 random bits which proves possession of virtual currency assets.
(8)PUBLIC KEY A character string derived from the secret key based on the encryption and used for generating the wallet address.
(9)BACKUP KEY A string used to generate secret key.
(10)TOKEN The unique coins supported by This service
(11)PERSONAL INFORMATION The information that an individual can directly identify (ex: address, birthdate, sex, etc) and information belonging to the individual(ex: access history, usage fee, etc)
(12)POINTS “GO! Points (GP)” Special Reward Points for the Service


  1. The users agree to these "Terms of Service" and can use This service.
  2. When the user downloads This service to a smartphone or other devices and creates a wallet or imports a wallet, the user agreement between the user and Company is established according to the provisions of this contract is established.
  3. The user shall prepare and maintain the computers, smartphones, and other devices, communication lines and other communication environments necessary for receiving This service.
  4. If the user is an underage, please use This service with the consent of the custodian or other legal representatives.
  5. If the underage user commits the following acts, we can not cancel any legal action concerning This service.
    • When there was falseness that there is agreement despite the lack of consent of a legal representative.
    • When using This service in falsehood with respect to age as an adult.
    • When using fraudulence to make others believe that they are legal capacity as an adult.
  6. Using This service after a user who was underage at that time of consent of this agreement has reached the age of adult, the user will be deemed to have approved any legal action concerning This service.


  1. Our Company shall be able to revise the contents of these Terms at any time without obtaining the consent of the user, and the user has to accept this without objection.
  2. When we revise the Terms, we will inform the user about its contents by the method prescribed by our company.
  3. The effectiveness of the previous Terms has to be effective from the time the Company has notified.
  4. After changing the Terms, you are deemed to have agreed without objection to this changed terms of use at the time of using This service.


Our Company offer This service for free. However, user will separately pay the fee specified by our company when remitting the virtual currency. Moreover, some additional fee may be required due to future service expansion.


  1. The user shall arbitrarily register and manage the registration information, including address, ID, password, etc, under its own responsibility. The user cannot use, lend, transfer, change the name, buy or sell to third parties.
  2. When using This service by registration information, the Company can handle it as the one used by the principal who used the registration. Moreover, as for the result caused by the use and all the responsibilities accompanying shall belong to the person who made the registration.
  3. In case of damage to the Company or third party due to unauthorized use of registration information, the user shall compensate such damage to the Company and third party.
  4. The management of registration information shall be under the responsibility of the user. Our Company are not responsible for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the user because the registration information was incorrect.
  5. If it is determined that the registered information is misappropriated by the third party, the user shall notify to the Company immediately and follow instructions from them.


  1. Users may obtain points through participation in various campaigns in This service or on the website, or through other methods the Company optionally specifies in This service and on the website. Regarding the denomination of points acquired or other such terms of acquisition, the terms indicated in This service and on the website shall apply.
  2. Users may exchange the points they possess for content or products, etc., specified by the Company in accordance with the procedures established by the Company. However, in the event the Company opts to indicate separate terms of use or terms of exchange in This service and on the website, said terms shall apply. Regarding the particulars of the handling of points, the terms indicated in This service and on the website, etc., shall apply.
  3. With the exception of exchanging points for content or products, etc., specified by the Company, users may not exchange points for cash, property, or other economic benefits. Additionally, the Company shall not refund points for any reason. However, this shall not apply when it is required by law. In such cases, point refunds shall be done in compliance with the law, and in accordance with procedures established by the Company and indicated in This service and on the website, etc.
  4. If 365 days have passed since the last acquisition of points without any new acquisition of points during that time, all accumulated points will become invalidated, and any rights to their use will be invalidated as well. Regarding the acquisition of points, in the event a separate term of validity is specified, such as participation in a campaign, the terms indicated in This service and on the website, etc., shall apply.
  5. It may be necessary for users to register a telephone number via SMS (short message service) from the standpoints of user authentication, security, and fraud prevention. In addition, registration of a telephone number shall be completed upon entry and authentication of a confirmation code to verify the user.
  6. Points shall be valid only for the user to whom they were granted, and the transfer or sale of points to a third party, or the pooling of points by multiple users shall not be permitted under any circumstances.
  7. The Company shall assume no liability for any damages suffered by users due to improper management of a user’s password or backup key, etc., user error, or unauthorized use of points by a third party, etc., regardless of whether the act was intentional or accidental.
  8. In the event of the discontinuation of a service in whole or in part in connection with points, the Company shall assume no liability.
  9. In the event any of the following conditions apply, the Company may revoke points from a user’s point balance wholly or in part at its own discretion. Regarding the revoked points, the Company shall not provide any compensation, nor shall it assume any liability.
    (1) The points were acquired through fraudulent means.
    (2) The Company has determined that due to system error, etc., the amount of points granted was greater than the amount that would normally be granted.
    (3) Any other circumstances in which the Company has deemed it appropriate to revoke a user’s points.


The Personal Information and User Information will be handled appropriately according to "Privacy Policy" defined by the Company.


  1. The user has to manage and store passwords and backup keys under their own responsibility.
  2. The user assumes responsibility for damage due to inadequate management of passwords and backup keys, errors in use, damage by use by third parties, and others. None of the responsibility will be assumed to the Company.
  3. The user has to understand and agree to the alert notified by This service.
  4. The user has to be responsible for the risks, responsibilities, losses and expenses arising from not following the notice.
  5. The user rationally makes investment decisions and assumes the risk himself. In addition, the Company understand market and price information are obtained from third parties, which Company do not assume any responsibilities.
  6. When using blockchain games / DApps application / Web services developed by a third party via This service, This service only acts as a blockchain browser.Users shall, at their sole discretion, decide whether there would be any risks to accept This service provided by or to conduct transactions on the blockchain games / DApps applications / Web services developed by a third party. The user is responsible for any damages, and we do not take any responsibility.


The Company will prohibit the following acts to the user when using This service. If the Company acknowledge that the user has violated the prohibited matter, the Company can take pauses for the user, withdrawal from the membership, or any other measures we deem necessary.

  1. Tampering with information that can be used with the application and service.
  2. The acts that may violate or has a probability of infringing the copyrights of the Company and third parties.
  3. Transmission and writing of harmful computer programs.
  4. The acts of slandering or hurting the Company or third parties.
  5. The acts violate has a probability of infringing privacy.
  6. The act against public order and morals or acts of exposing obscene documents or drawings to others.
  7. The profit-oriented actions.
  8. The acts related to religious activities and political solicitation.
  9. The acts hinder the operation and use of the application & service.
  10. The acts of buying or selling the content acquired in this application & service, or conducting exchange transactions in a manner other than that determined by the Company.
  11. The acts of using This service in terminals modified or remodeled by the method that is not permitted by the manufacturer.
  12. All other acts that may violate the law.
  13. Creating, distributing, or using an outside program such as a bot or cheat tool (including, but not limited to, outside tools to manipulate the results from using This service in ways not intended by the Company).
  14. The act of intentionally modify time and terminal internal data (repeatedly).


  1. Our Company are not responsible for any damage caused by content change, suspension or termination of This service.
  2. Our Company do not take any responsibility for the user's environment of using This service
  3. Our Company do not guarantee the following to the user anything by This service.
    • Fit for specific purposes.
    • Have expecting function, product value, accuracy and usefulness.
    • The use of This service by users complies with the laws and regulations applicable to users or internal regulations of industry organizations
    • No defect failure occurs
  4. Our Company do not guarantee that This service is compatible with all information devices. In accordance with the version upgrade of the operating system of the information device used to use This service, the user acknowledges in advance that there is a possibility of trouble in the operation of This service. Moreover, the Company will not guarantee the bug fix by correcting the program that Company will do in case of trouble.
  5. The user acknowledges in advance that the use of some or all of This service may be restricted due to changes in the usage agreement and operation policy of This service store such as AppStore, Google Play and others.
  6. Our Company will not be liable for any damage directly or indirectly caused by user using This service.
  7. Our Company assumes no responsibility even if the Company are notified in advance of the possibility of such damage, including indirect damages and lost profits, for the loss of opportunity that occurred to the user or other third parties, interruption of business or any other damage.
  8. The provisions of paragraph#1 or the preceding paragraphs shall not apply in cases where there is willful or gross negligence on the Company, or when the contract is applicable to consumers under the Consumer Contract Law.
  9. Even in the case preceding paragraph is applied, the Company shall not be liable to compensate for any damages arising from special circumstances among damages caused to users by acts of negligence.
  10. If the Company assumes liability for damages concerning the use of This service, we will assume liability for compensation up to the amount of money received from the user in the month in which the damage occurred.
  11. Our Company does not assume responsibility for any disputes or troubles between users. Even in the event of a problem between the users, we will resolve it with our own responsibility and we will not make any claims to the Company.
  12. If the user damages other users against the use of service or dispute arises with third parties, he or she shall compensate or resolve in its own expense burden and responsibility, and shall not cause any inconvenience or damage to the Company.
  13. If the Company is requested by third parties for compensation damages by user's actions, the Company will settle this problem by the user's expenses (legal fees) and responsibility. In cases the Company pays compensation damages to the third party, the user shall pay all expenses (ex: legal fees, lost profits, etc), including such damages to the Company.
  14. If the user damages the Company by using This service, compensation: including court costs, legal fees, and others, have to be paid to the Company in the expences and responsibility of the user.


  1. The user shall not transfer to the third party all or part of the position under these Terms and the rights or obligations under this Agreement as long as there is no prior consent of the Company in the document.
  2. The Company can transfer all or part of the Service to third party at the discretion of the Company, in which case, within the scope of the Transferred rights, All rights of the user shall be transferred to the assignee.


Contact of the user concerning This service to the Company shall be made by sending from the inquiry form installed at the appropriate place in This service or the website operated by the Company or by the method separately specified by the Company.


  1. Intellectual property rights of all contents displayed on This service are protected by the Company or a third party license. (ex: terms, announcements, articles, videos, audio, images, archives, information, materials, trademarks, logos, etc)
  2. No one can use, modify, decompile, reproduce, publish, distribute and publish the above applications and contents without prior written consent from This service or third party licensors.


  1. The effectiveness, interpretation, and performance of these Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law.
  2. The Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance with respect to all disputes concerning these Rules.


  1. If the problem occurs while using This service, you can contact us by submitting feedback on This service.
  2. All users of This service can access the Terms. Everytime you log in to This service, please read the Terms.
  3. The Terms will be enforce on September 1, 2018.

Website: www.go-wallet.app

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