Announcing the release of GO! WALLET Android version, a wallet application for the crypt currency Etherium that allows you to enjoy DApps from your smartphone.
UPDATE: 2019/6/17

GO! WALLET speeds up the service that makes using DeFi services and popular blockchain games on your browser easy.

SmartApp.inc (head office: Minato Ward, Tokyo. President and Representative Director: Takashi Sato. Hereinafter SmartApp) is a company that develops blockchain platform projects. GO! WALLET, a browser-equipped wallet app for smartphones and DApps, has only been available for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) since it was launched in October 2018, but we are now pleased to announce the release of the Android version.

In addition to a wallet function that allows the user to manage tokens for the crypto currency Etherium, GO! WALLET can also receive rewards for service use and product purchases via advertisements in its own token/crypto currency. It also has a DApps browser function in which tokens stored on the app can be used to make payments or to use web3-compatible sites used or viewed in the app.

With the launch of the GO! POINTS (commonly known as GP) service in March 2019, which allows users to receive rewards for service use and product purchases via advertising in the app's own token/crypto currency, the number of downloads of the app has increased rapidly worldwide.

The number of users is thought to have rapidly increased because users are able to directly obtain result rewards for different kinds of advertising, including browsing video advertisements, service use, and product purchases, in the app's own token/crypto currency. An even greater increase in users is being sought with the launch of the Android version in China, South Korea, and Russia, countries that are already seeing a rapid increase in use with the iOS version. Support of the use of multi-tokens such as BTC, EOS, and ICN is also being planned to be introduced soon.

Currently, many GO! WALLET users can be found in Eastern Europe and Russia, where the use of Etherium is strong. GO! WALLET was originally launched starting in Japan in fall last year, focusing on the function of the DApps browser wallet. The user base has been rapidly expanding, however, to a level where the number of foreign and domestic users rival each other.

With the improvement of crypto currency exchange, GO! WALLET was planning to expand its number of users in tandem with the spread of DApps services, but there is no real need to open a crypto currency exchange account or for complicated registrations. GO! WALLET’s convenience as a third-party wallet app has been very positively received, and since March, the spread in the number of users, particularly overseas, has been remarkable. The number of installations has expanded with the increase of use in the app’s own local social media.

In the past, when crypto currency exchanges were frequently hacked, the use of third-party wallet apps for advanced users expanded, as they were considered to be secure wallets with an extremely low risk for the theft of crypto currency private keys. In the future, the company will promote GO! WALLET as a way to accommodate users who wish to work with crypto currencies in a casual way and start crypto currency related services.

Moving forward, SmartApp will build a marketing platform that will act as a point of contact between users and blockchain applications/games all around the world, with a focus on the wallet app GO! WALLET. SmartApp also aims to build an economic zone for blockchain apps by building new services and marketplaces that connect different games and apps. In addition to joining the Japan Blockchain Association at the end of 2017, the company plans to continue business development in consultation with industry groups and the full spectrum of fields.

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GO! WALLET application for Android (newly released)

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SmartApp Inc. Company Profile
Company name: SmartApp Inc.
Office Location: 5F Tokyu Yotsuya Building 6-6 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0083 WeWork Tokyu Yotsuya
CEO: Takashi Sato
WEB: http://www.smartapp.co.jp/
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